Dealing With Trash - 2018

Trash is a problem. We all generate trash. We all need to be a responsible for it.

Since the Trash we generate is as a Community, each camper will aid in the process of transporting Community Generated Trash Off-Playa. Take At Least TWO (2) Bags of Community Garbage Off-Playa - Be responsible and dispose of this garbage in appropriate receptacles.

Each vehicle that arrives at PolyParadise will be required to take home one bag of trash. During the week the TRASH CZAR will place a bag of trash at the driver's side door of your vehicle (think of it like SANTA).

That is YOUR bag to take home. It will be DOUBLE BAGGED, NON-STINKY, and of REASONABLE size and flexibility for packing. Please plan room in your vehicle for this bag of trash.

If for any reason, you don't like your bag of trash (you just don't click or cannot get along with one another) please see the TRASH CZAR for an exchange of bags.

It is your responsibility to dispose of your bag properly. The best place for this would be at home. But if you cannot take your bag home, here are some alternative places you can rid yourself of your bag.

In Fernley, FERNLEY SANITATION (775-575-4964) will be OPEN through the Labor Day weekend, 7:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. every day. The office (but not the dump) is closed on weekends. The rate is $16.00 for up to 3 cubic yards (27 cubic feet). To reach Fernley Sanitation from Burning Man head south through Nixon and Wadsworth. When the road ends at 427 go left. (either direction takes you to I-80) You'll go under I-80 and past the Pilot Gas Station on your right. Stay on Main Street to the light. At the light, make a right onto Alternate US Highway 95a. Go about 2 miles and on the left you will see the Public Wreckage Disposal building. Stop at the scale house on your way in.

In Lockwood, LOCKWOOD LANDFILL (775-342-0401) will be open only on Saturday & Sunday of Labor Day Weekend. They will not be open on Monday of Labor Day Weekend. They operate 7:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. seven days a week except holidays. The charge is $3.75 per cubic yard with a $1.00 environmental fee per vehicle. Head West on I-80; get off at the Mustang exit (number 23). Go straight and continue past the cattle guard for approximately 2 miles. The entrance is on the left-hand side.

RENO DISPOSAL SERVICES (775-329-8822) will be OPEN through the entire Labor Day weekend. Hours are 6 a – 6p. Monday - Saturday and 8 a.m.-6 p.m. holidays and Sunday. The location in Reno is 1390 Commercial Row. Charge is $5.50 per cubic yard. From I-80 westbound, take exit 14 and go south on Wells Avenue. Make a left turn onto 6th Street and then a right onto Sutro Street. Make a left onto Commercial Row and look for 1390 on your left.

More tips on trash can be found at: Trash Tips