Village of PolyParadise Registration

Registration for The Village of PolyParadise 2018 is Now Open. We are very excited that you have chosen to join us for our 20th anniversary (1999-2018) within the gates of Black Rock City - together we will create an amazing space on the Playa - a place to call Home @ Home.

Cost of Camping with The Village of PolyParadise is $175/Camper

Please see what your Camp Fee Gets you...
What We Provide as a camp & What We Do NOT provide

What are my other Village member requirements?

  • 5 Gallons of Water/Vehicle - Running of the Human Carcass Wash / Community Drinking water. If you can bring additional water that would be greatly appreciated.

  • Take At Least TWO (2) Bags of Community Garbage Off-Playa - Be responsible  and dispose of this garbage in appropriate receptacles.

  • Follow the LEAVE NO TRACE rule of BM, and coordinate with other camp members prior to leaving the event and our campsite looking for and picking up MOOP (Matter Out of Place)

  • Participate in Camp Playa Events

  • Cook One Meal Once for 25 people: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (Preparation, Serving & Cleanup), You need only 'Contribute' for only meal, but encouraged to do more if you are so inclined. You only need to cook once for 25 people; then enjoy the rest of the weeks food (You can always cook for more than one meal if you are so inclined). Couples and or groups of people can choose to do a meal together. We will have multiple campers doing that each day  - at each meal  - there will be plenty to eat and a clean Kitchen.

We provide a FULL KITCHEN - There is nothing you need to bring other than the food you will cook.  The cost of this food is in addition to the camp fee of $175/person.

ALL Campers will be responsible for assisting with camp cleanup and excess dish washing when necessary.

You and or your group will be responsible for cooking - serving & post meal cleanup. Meal Times/Playa Time: Breakfast 8a-10a, Lunch 12p-2p, Dinner 6p-8p.

Kitchen - Community Space Cleanup Patrol: in past years we had a separate signup for Kitchen area and Community Space clean. ALL campers will be responsible for MOOP Pickup and wash any remaining pots/pans and tidying up the Kitchen/Community Space Area.

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When & Where Will You Contribute?
What Will You Do?*
What Will You Cook? Plan on a Meal For (25)
If you do not know at the moment what you will be cooking: You can view/edit the Google Sheet, Send an Email to Scotto or... Post to our Facebook Group or post to the Yahoo Group .
Participate in Other Camp Events?
You can sign-up for Leading or being part of Poly High Tea, assist in running the Human Carcass Wash or thru the Google Sheet.  You can also Send an Email to Scotto. It is highly encouraged that you participate in these events but it is not mandatory.
Lead or be Part of Poly High Tea?
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