Community Kitchen

For those who are new to PolyParadise - your kitchen includes all of the items you need to cook the food you bring.  There will be 6 (3) Burner Stoves - assorted utensils (cooking and serving) - Pots & Pans Large stock pots - BBQ grill & Spices of all kinds.  We will also have Foil - Plastic wrap - Ziplocs - Serving Bowls and just about anything else you might need in a kitchen.

The Kitchen will be equipped with: Toaster, Blender, Large & Small Coffee Pots.

Complete dishwashing station with soapy water and rinse area & Sanitizer

It is YOUR responsibility to purchase ICE to keep your items cold.  Ice is available @ Camp Artica [ Center Camp 6:00 - The 3:00 & 9:00 Plazas] for $3/bag or block.

The 2018 Registration Process requires that you participate in some way to the camp, this sharing will take place within the Kitchen.  Volunteer opportunities include Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (Preparation, Serving & Cleanup). That way each day all of us get to have a chance at being a Gourmet Chef, while secretly adding our special ingredients. Of course mine is PLAYA DUST!!! Remember Playa Dust is a condiment and goes well with everything.

As you register you will need to choose which Day/Meal you will cook for. You only need to cook once for 25 people; then enjoy the rest of the weeks food (You can always cook for more than one meal if you are so inclined). Couples and or groups of people can choose to do a meal together. ALL Campers will be responsible for assisting with camp cleanup and excess dish washing when necessary.

If you fill out the registration form and choose to cook, but do not know what you will in-fact cook, at a later date you can view/edit the to Google Sheet, Send Email to Scotto or post to the FaceBook Group. It would be appreciated not to have to track you down...

Drinking Water will be available. It is encouraged that you help replenish the Community Drinking water when needed.  The community water jug is also located in the community space. Please bring 5 gallons per vehicle (More would be appreciated) to donate to your fellow campers hydration. This cooler is filled and iced each day for community use.

Another piece of the food puzzle I would like you to think about is snacks. A portion of the camping fee is for these snacks...

Available Snacks (all in individual serving size containers):

Asst. Nabisco cookies
Pudding cups
Fruit cups
Rice Krispie treats
Ritz cheez `n' crackers
Ritz bitz cheese
Asst. chips
Regular potato chips
BBQ potato chips
Asst. nuts
Trail Mix
Instant oatmeal
Asst. Cereal (you need the milk)
Nutri-Grain bars
Quaker Oats Oatmeal Raisin granola bars
Low Carb Breakfast bars
Oatmeal Squares
Red vines
Beef Jerky

Asst. beverages (Gatorade, tea, coffee, etc.)