Human Carcass Wash How To...


First you become one with the Car/Cass Wash Machine (the outer two rows), then you go through the middle row and get washed. Start with final rinse in either outer row - when there is an opening (free clear water bottle from another rinser moving up). The rinser uses a clear water spray bottle and their hands as a squeegee to rinse soap off the washee.

Then you become a hands-on scrubber (honoring boundaries!), a soaper (soapy water spray bottle), and a pre-rinse wetter (clear water spray bottle). We pass back the tools of each station (water bottles mainly) when we move forward to the next - the tools stay in place while the people percolate up. Wetters then become washees (alternating lines) and go through the middle getting washed.

When we have lots of helpers, there may be multiple scrubbers or rinsers on each side; just percolate up to the head one step at a time anyway. 

We ask about and honor boundaries all along the line. These could be about soap or water near the face, about temporary tattoos not to be damaged, or about sexual or body boundaries, etc.

Human Carcass Wash How To