Camper Bios - 2017


Tami BoothMy name is Tami and my hubby of a long, long time 39 years is Marty. Ages 53 and 54. We are from Colorado.

First burn for both of us, very excited. Hubby loves the desert in Utah but first desert experience for me. Ready to absorb and experience as much as possible for our first burn. Job responsibilities keep us both busy in our daily lives at home so are looking forward to this chance to "unhook"! Shocked when STEP email came and we were able to grab those precious tickets. From there our excitement for our first burn has been exhilarating.

Glad we picked the PP camp for our first year. Not sure if this is a path for us but grateful for the opportunity to experience the lifestyle with wonderful people. Very sensual people so excited to see what path we go on.

As creative people can't wait to see the art and beauty of BM. Feel like kids going on the first big family trip. Our eyes will be wide open and our hearts a flutter. The thought of experiencing this with each other and where it takes us in our relationship is beyond words.

Thankful to Scotto for welcoming us as well as the rest of the PP camp!

Tami Booth