Camper Bios - 2017

BabsHi I'm Babs!

This is my first year attending, so I've taken the liberty of naming myself for now. So why Babs? Barbara "Babs" Gordon (a.k.a. Batgirl); Babs Bunny; Bad Ass Bitch Supposedly; Because Any Brand Suffices (for now at least...)

You get the idea.

I'll be kissing "20-something" goodbye at the end of the year so I may as well go out early with a bang (or rather a burn?). If you know TwoCrispy, you've already met the source of half of my genetic makeup and the man who is continuously introducing me to new people, places, and cultures. He's also improving my arsenal of bad dad jokes regularly.

TwoCrispy officially handed me off five years ago to a man who won't be in attendance this year – an Air Force veteran who is the brawn to my brains as much as I'm the beauty to his beast (or so he says).

I'm a comic book junkie, Star Trek enthusiast, klutz extraordinaire, childish dreamer, starving artist, internet addict and knowledge-thirsty creature. I currently hail from Seattle so my pasty vampire skin will probably burn as much as the man this year but one must make sacrifices in the name of cultural discovery.

If I look a little lost, mind-blown, or overwhelmed, I probably am... that or I just had a pan-galactic gargle blaster. Either way, be gentle on me and I'll see you out in the dust!