Camper Bios - 2017


Marie-HélèneMarie-Hélène, usually called Marie or M-H. 32
Home : Black Rock.

Former home : Paris. I currently live in Avignon (south of France).

In love with San Francisco.

Roller derby and shibari addict.

Science enthusiast.

Poly and pan with a bit of sapio.

Been to Burning Man just once before: 2016, finally made it after 10 years desperately wanting to go!

Made me so happy ! I don’t want to miss it anymore !

Didn’t join a camp on my first trip : We were a group of 17 friends, improvised a camp together.

This year I will reach black rock with just one friend who is a virgin burner from Marseille.

Why the burn? Because of the art, the beauty of this magic place and its spirit !

The widest safe zone on earth !

The possibility to forget about usual social convention, living by really ethical and humanist values.

Wish the whole world lived by the 10 principles! When I heard about PP, I immediately knew it will be the perfect place!

Can’t wait to be there and meet you all on the playa !