Camper Bios - 2017


> Knotch <>Knotch<

Age: 59

Where I Live: Elfrida, Arizona. Beautiful high desert just north of the border.

Been to Burning Man before? When?
Yes - 2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2014, 2015, 2016

Camped with? When?
Camp Incendiary Nation (CIN) 2008
PolyParadise 2009, 2010, 2011,2012. 2014, 2015, 2016
PolyParadise Favorite Moments? Early Arrival Kitchen and Teardown. But a single favorite is impossible to nail down. Love the solitude after Teardown and final MOOP patrol. Its almost always the dustiest time and walking the empty camp area is kinda fun. I love my burnual trek to the trash fence. Working in the kitchen and cooking is almost always fun. You meet great peoples in the kitchen. And the other favorite moment is all the other time I spend on the playa.

Why Burning Man? I’m just going to recycle most of previous year’s comments for this section. I’ve never been anywhere like it before in the physical world but its where I live all the time in my mind and dreams. Its like stepping into the real world of an imaginary story.

Burning History: Don Davis, an astro-artist, introduced me to BM over 16 years ago through his writings on the internet. I eagerly waited for his yearly accounts and dreamed about going but, never knew for sure I’d get there. After moving to AZ in 2004, I learned of a BM regional called TOAST. We attended in 2008 and could not stop ourselves from getting tickets and going to our first burn on the Playa in 2008. I haven’t missed a year since, until 2013 when I fell off a trailer, broke my leg and severely dislocated my knee only one week after returning from BM 2012. I’m still healing but for the last year I at least spend more time forgetting my knee is injured than I do knowing it is injured. In 2008 we set a goal for at least 5 burns. In 2014 we re-set to do at least 10 burns. This is our 9th burn but I don’t think we can stop with just one more year… Next year will be time to think about new goals again.

Describe BM: I can’t describe Burning Man. It is a complicated relationship for sure. BM is things, thoughts, feelings, sites, sounds, smells, experiences, memories, and dreams. It is as impossible to describe as to believe what you experience when you are there.

My Life: There was BEFORE Burning Man and then there was AFTER Burning Man for me. BM gave my inner child some finger paint and colored Sharpies and told it to go write on some walls. Getting to know me is not easy but those that do say I'm a pretty nice guy. Did I mention I love Burning Man, all of it, and you too.