Camper Bios - 2017


Alex & TammyWe are The Anomalous Duo, partners in life and art; queer in so many ways.

AleXander sez:

Burning Man #11 - Ten years in a row – 2005 to 2014 - nine with Poly Paradise, one with Greeters.

2017 was a year of two (so far) life-changing events (one emotional/spiritual, one physical) – both of which which will play a big part in my return to the playa.

The latter a serious leg injury (careful getting off that bus!) which although now far along on the road to recovery will still seriously impact my mobility around Black Rock City. Not easy for a both-ends-burning man!
The former I wrote about here:

I have contributed artwork to the Center Camp Café Kiosk from 2010 to 2014. You can see the works in the “galleries” at
On the last three Tammy collaborated with related short stories, printed in small booklets to share.

Tammy sez:

Burning Man #5 – 2005 to 2014 - all with Poly Paradise.
I met AleXander in September 2010 and could probably still smell the playa on him as he’d been back from his 6th burn less than three weeks. We joked about him working on me all year to talk me into coming along to TTITD in 2011, but really it was a done deal. I’d follow this guy anywhere. 2011 was my first burn, the first year the event sold out, so by some lights I missed out on the “real” Burning Man. That’s ok. I moved to New York City in 2000 and have been told the same thing about missing the “real” New York. I decide what’s real in my life and so far that’s working out just fine.

We collaborate on art to bring out to BRC together and during our hiatus from TTITD, we went to Iceland and created a brilliant ongoing project, “Two Stories Up!”. And now, we’re coming home2 again. Renewing our WOWs.

2015/2016 – necessary and healthy hiatus from the BM Ritual. We donated all our Burning Man supplies to virgins - so we’re Starting From Scratch.


Art at Center Camp Café: photo-montage: “The Blind Leading The Blind (Question Rituals)” + “ Unexamined Rituals” (short story book, 500 copies.)

We’ve participated as Greeters and Lamplighters and OrgyDome’rs and will look for new ways to engage this year.

Playa names – meh.
Together we fight for truth, justice, art, and the Anomalous Way as The Anomalous Duo. (AleXander : previously: Mr SmartyPants by day / Mr FancyPants by night. Tammy: previously: Metanoia or Meta.)

It’s a long, complicated haul from New York City.  Black Rock City remains our other favorite metropolis with it’s amazing 70,000 creative open souls.
The traffic jams are so much more interesting.