Camper Bios - 2017


KathlynName: Kathlyn     Raver Name: Serenity
BM Name: TBD

Country of Origin: Ecuador.

Sexual Orientation: I'm emotionally gay and sexually bisexual, but more than anything, I'm a sapiosexual ;)

Hello everyone!!

This will be my first burn!!! And the mere fact that I will be there is testament to the magic of technology, the internet, reddit, and most importantly: kindness from an amazing stranger.

Last year I met E (male) through reddit via me propositioning certain oral abilities I have for the exchange of a ticket for me to attend this wonderful event. Some weeks ago E reached out to me, letting me know he had an extra ticket, and asking if I wanted to accept it. When do things like that even happen?!? As a way of showing my gratitude, I shall make sure I share my "certain abilities" with those whom I vibe with. Honestly, even though today I got my ticket in the mail, I'm still having a hard time I've been blessed (I'm not religious, but you guys know what I mean) with such a completely unanticipated gift as this one. What a way to begin my 30th Birth-month!!! =D

I've been a "unicorn" for some heterosexual couples over the last few years, and I feel like I'd fit in very well if I were to meet the right couple. Even if not, I'm going with an open mind, and an open heart as well. I need to expand my horizons.

Can't wait to have the time of my life (first of many at BM, I hope) with all of the wonderful people of PolyParadise!!

Why Burning Man? Because I've heard people are bound to have transcendental experiences at BM, and I've been aching for transcendence my whole life.


Looking forward to my first burn!!!!